My full works

Here is a complete list of every piece of writing that I’ve ever had published.

Short stories
‘Heartlands’ in .Cent
‘The Train’ in Frogmore Papers
‘The Piano’, shortlisted in Foyles/Negative Press competition
‘Leave-Me Rockstar’ in Eunoia Review
‘Ganymede on Lemnos’ in The Dial
‘My Eternal Friend’ in The Cambridge Student: ZINE
‘The Man Who Loved Things’ in Myths of the Near Future

‘Metroland’ in Firewords Quarterly
‘This Is The Grass’, ‘On The Treadmill’ and ‘Hawk’ in Cadaverine
‘Night & Day’ in The Tower
‘Alphabet’ and ‘On The Treadmill’ in The Dial
‘The Porphyry’ in The Hill Magazine
‘The Red Lion’ in Countryside Tales

‘With My Eternal Friend’ performed at Hatch by Nick Ricketts et al — read the reviews by Varsity and The Cambridge Tab
‘The Flyer-Man’ performed at Liars’ League by Rhik Samadder
‘Freedom’ performed at Poetry Pigeon

Of ‘Wild Ink’ by Richard Smyth, in Litro and Bookslut
Of ‘Animals’ by Miles Salter, in Dead Ink
Of ‘A Sixty-Watt Las Vegas’ by Mike Di Placido, in Myths of the Near Future and on the Emma/Valley Press blog
Of ‘Here Comes Everyone: Heroes Issue’ in Sabotage Reviews

‘An interview with Warren Adler’ in The Writer and Bookslut
‘Tenacity in Action: an interview with literary agent Cathryn Summerhayes’ in The Writer
”Wild Abandon’: an interview with Joe Dunthorne’ in Myths of the Near Future #4: Money
‘An interview with Richard Milward’ on Bookslut
‘In conversation with Emma Wright’ (founder of The Emma Press) in Sabotage Reviews
“Don’t ever give up until you’re five years dead”: an interview with Mike Di Placidoon NAWE Young Writers’ Hub

‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ for GCS Book Club
‘A letter to a young writer 100 years ago’ in Myths of the Near Future
‘My favourite Christmas story: ‘The Dead’ by James Joyce’ in Liars’ League
‘A question of genre’ in Myths of the Near Future and on NAWE Young Writers’ Hub
‘On passing’ in Countryside Tales