Banes of Boys and Girls

Laura Cassady is a top girl, the best. Here, in our final year of university, with childhood behind us and real life looming, she is the only thing I am certain of. That she already has a boyfriend, James, is the least of my worries.

The real problem is trying to be more than just a boy for someone who is clearly not just a girl. Can boys be anything but thoughtless and selfish? Are all girls uptight and painfully beautiful? And is there any way that we can cohabit adequately, let alone happily?

Through pub talk and ice skating, nights in and nights out, we might find it more and more likely that we’re all after the same thing: making one positive action, finding our right place.

Chatty, arch, Banes of Boys and Girls is a tale of first love, of decision making, and of the certainty of youth as it is reborn against its will into the confusion of young adulthood.

This is Jonny Aldridge’s debut novel.

Available in paperback and on ebook.