Banes of Boys and Girls

A novel

This is Jonny Aldridge’s debut novel, first published in 2013. A coming-of-age story about first love, set at university. Available in paperback and ebook.


Short stories

A debut collection of 16 stories. Infused with dark comedy throughout, Sick covers a broad array of themes from sexism and prostitution to religion and euthanasia. Available in paperback and ebook.


A story in prose and poetry

Written when Jonny was just twenty years old, Sayeh is my earliest and most experimental work, a story told in prose and poetry. Available in paperback only.


Poems from my youth

Brings together for the first time a wild variety of published and unpublished poetry written in the poet’s youth. This collection of 33 poems, written mostly during his university days, gives an insight into a young writer’s most formative years.

The Ministry

Five poems

Set at the government offices known as The Ministry, this is Jonny Aldridge’s second collection of poetry, written during his time as a civil servant in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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