Hi, welcome to my writer’s website.

I’m Jonny Aldridge, an independent and self-published writer of novels, short stories, poetry – and anything else that takes my fancy.

I was born in East Sussex in 1990, studied English at Cambridge University and work in PR. I’ve been making stories since I was about 15 and writing properly since university.

Writing properly? For me, writing is about self-expression and self-discovery. I like to read character-led books that take me into another person’s psychology and philosophy on the world, and hopefully what I write takes other people on a similar journey.

That’s why my writing slogan is ‘thought provoking words’. What I write is inspired first by some philosophy of thought, and I hope my words also makes my readers think too.

While you’re here, you can buy a book or read my blog or anything else. (That’s about it.)

Thanks for visiting, cheers.